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DiverseJobsMatter (DJM) is a UK-based job board that promotes diversity and inclusion within the recruitment process across all sectors and markets reaching candidates in most towns and cities in every county in the UK.
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Neurodiversity is a concept that highlights the positive aspects of neurological differences, encompassing conditions like Autism, ADHD, and Dyslexia. It's about recognising that these differences are not deficits but variations that can bring unique strengths to a team. In the workplace, valuing neurodiversity means acknowledging that each employee, with their distinct way of thinking and solving problems, contributes to the richness and...
Imagine walking into your virtual meeting room and being greeted by faces from all around the globe. That's the beauty of today's workplace — it's as diverse as the world itself. Thanks to the magic of globalisation, our colleagues aren't just the people next door; they're in every corner of the world, bringing their unique cultures, traditions, and perspectives right to our virtual doorstep. A Gathering of Worlds in Our Workplaces:...
The shift to virtual interviews has become a prominent feature of our evolving job market, a change propelled by global shifts like the COVID-19 pandemic. This new interview landscape isn't just about changing where we sit during the interview; it's about adapting our communication and self-presentation to fit a screen-sized window. One of the trickiest parts? Showing off your true personality and leaving a memorable impression when you're...
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