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Best Job Posting Sites for Employers to Reach Your Ideal Candidates Effortlessly

Best Job Posting Sites for Employers to Reach Your Ideal Candidates Effortlessly

The search for the most fitting people to hire is a difficult one in the present job market. Choosing from among the numerous sites on which to post vacancies is important; you must select those that align with your needs and will bring in suitable candidates with as little effort as possible. Consequently, this article lists some of the best UK job posting sites for employers so that they can efficiently attract top talents.

Key Considerations For Selecting A Job Posting Site

To make sure you choose the right job posting site, here are some important factors that should not be overlooked:

  • Audience Reach & Demographics: Determine this platform's target audience by comparing its user base to your target audience.

  • Ease of Use & Employer-Specific Features: Evaluate how easy it is to use this site vis-à-vis other tools they have provided specifically for employers who wish to post jobs.

  • Cost & Pricing Plans: Reflect on what you can afford vis-a-vis what they are charging.

  • Special Features To Target Ideal Candidates: Look out for those features that would help you focus only on attracting candidates required by the organisation.

  • Integration With Other Recruitment Tools: Check whether or not there is any system compatibility between the two recruitment systems used at different times by an individual firm seeking employees.

General Job Posting Sites


Globally, Indeed remains one of the leading job boards with wide coverage and user-friendly interface design.

  • Overview of features and benefits: Indeed has simple steps for posting a vacancy. It also has a large number of candidates registered with it, thus increasing the chances of getting more applications. There are free and sponsored listings available.
  • Reach and demographics: It appeals to people from all walks of life in every industry across various experience levels, hence its diversity. Many different kinds of seekers converge on it to seek employment opportunities worldwide.
  • Pricing options: You can either post jobs for free or use pay-per-click sponsored listings, which will make your ad visible to more people on the site.


Totaljobs is a leading UK job board known for its extensive reach and robust employer features.

  • Overview of features and benefits: It allows employers to search detailed CVs, create an attractive brand identity with their logo displayed alongside adverts posted by them, and give multiple options when it comes to job advertising itself.
  • Reach and demographics: This site attracts individuals from various sectors who are searching for work mainly based in the United Kingdom – making it one of the most popular platforms among British job seekers today.
  • Pricing options: They offer different packages depending on what you want; single ads cost £75, whereas multiple ones start from £125 upwards per month.

NHS Jobs

It targets healthcare positions, which is why it is very useful for employers in the medical sector.

  • Special Focus on Healthcare Roles: This site is commonly used by people looking for work in the health sector.

  • Overview of Features and Benefits: The job posting options are detailed, and there are many candidates within a healthcare setting.

  • Reach and Demographics: It appeals to a large number of healthcare professionals such as nurses or administrative staff.

Industry-Specific Job Posting Sites


DiverseJobsMatter focuses on promoting diversity and inclusion in the workplace, making it an excellent choice for employers committed to these values.

  • Focus on Diversity and Inclusion: This platform is dedicated to helping employers reach a diverse candidate pool.
  • Unique Features for Reaching Diverse Candidates: It offers tools and resources specifically designed to attract diverse talent.
  • Success Stories and Testimonials: Many employers have successfully used DiverseJobsMatter to enhance their workforce diversity.

Guardian Jobs

This site is best suited for education, charity, and public sector roles employers

  • Focus on Education, Charity, and Public Sector Roles: Candidates attracted are those interested mainly in these areas.

  • Overview of Features and Benefits: Advertise positions available at your organisation (job advertising), and look through resumes (CV search).

  • Reach and Demographics: The audience consists mostly of people seeking employment opportunities within education institutions or charities that fall under this category, otherwise known as public service jobs, also known as government work or civil service positions.

This website is for people who work in hotels, restaurants, bars, and other hospitality-related places.

  • Targeting Hospitality and Catering Professionals: It offers a platform specific to these sectors.

  • Overview of Features and Benefits: Job advertising (advertise positions available at your organisation), CV search (look through resumes).

  • Pricing Options: Different pricing plans have been created for companies from different sectors such as catering industry.

Job Aggregators and Multiposting Services


It is a job aggregator that allows employers to post jobs on multiple platforms all at once.

  • Benefits of Using a Job Aggregator: By posting jobs across many boards simultaneously with Broadbean, you save both time and effort.

  • Overview of Features and Pricing: Can distribute postings across numerous sites and manage candidates better.

  • Success Stories and Testimonials: Many businesses have managed to recruit employees faster thanks to this useful tool called Broad Bean, which has helped them make their hiring process more efficient than ever before. 


It simplifies the whole process of publishing jobs on different websites simultaneously, thus saving employers time.

  • Features and Benefits of Multiposting: Post openings across multiple platforms with one submission using LogicMelon.

  • Pricing Options: Different pricing plans have been created to accommodate different needs in terms of hiring volumes, etc.

Enhancing Your Job Postings

Crafting Compelling Job Descriptions

When writing down what kind of employee you are looking for, always remember to be clear about everything from duties performed right and qualifications needed, even mentioning the salary range if possible since clarity is an important factor here, among others, too but don’t forget briefness either.

Using Keywords for SEO Optimisation

Use words that match the skills required. Make sure to use them throughout the whole post, especially in the title itself, so Google picks up on it quickly enough.

Leveraging Multimedia in Job Postings

According to studies, people are more likely to click on videos or images than read plain text alone. Hence, incorporating such elements within your ads will attract more viewership and applications.

Youngsters with notepads working

Pick Your Perfect Candidates

You are required to choose the correct websites for posting jobs so as to find the most suitable candidates for your business. Utilising these platforms and hints pointed out in this article will help you make your recruitment process better, thereby attracting the best talents in the UK. From now on, post your jobs on these sites today to easily reach the people you want. Take action immediately to simplify employment and foster success by assembling a diverse team of skilled employees who will drive innovation within your organisation at all levels!