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Brigade Electronics Honored as Diversity and Inclusion Champion at Logistics UK Awards

Brigade Electronics Honored as Diversity and Inclusion Champion at Logistics UK Awards

SOUTH DARENTH, England, December 11, 2023 – Brigade Electronics, a pioneer in commercial vehicle safety, has been recognized as the Diversity and Inclusion Champion of the Year at the prestigious Logistics UK Awards 2023. This accolade comes in light of the company's significant contributions in partnership with Transaid, an international development organization dedicated to improving road safety and healthcare access in sub-Saharan Africa.

Founded in 1976 and known for introducing the first reversing alarm in the UK, Brigade Electronics has consistently led innovations in vehicle safety. Their recent collaboration with Transaid underscores their commitment to global road safety and sustainable development.

Sub-Saharan Africa faces critical road safety challenges, with road fatalities ranking as the third leading cause of death after HIV/AIDS and malaria. Factors such as inadequate driver training, poor vehicle maintenance, and overloading exacerbate these dangers. Transaid's initiatives, closely aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, aim to mitigate these risks through professional driver training, improved fleet management, and enhanced rural access to healthcare and other essential services.

Brigade Electronics has played a pivotal role in these efforts. As a formal corporate partner of Transaid, the company has equipped two trucks with advanced safety equipment for use in driver training programs at a partner training center in Zambia. These trucks feature 2 AHD side cameras and a 7-inch AHD color monitor, significantly enhancing driver visibility and reducing blind spots. Additionally, telematics equipment provided by Microlise has been installed for comprehensive vehicle monitoring.

Peter Squire, Managing Director of Brigade Electronics UK, expressed his enthusiasm about the recognition and the impact of their work. "We are thrilled to have been recognized for our work with Transaid. The charity does outstanding work, and we are delighted that we are making a difference in helping them to achieve their goals and improve road safety," he said.

The integration of cutting-edge vehicle safety equipment in these trucks not only elevates the standard of driver training but also plays a crucial role in preventing road accidents and fatalities in Africa. Brigade Electronics' commitment to diversity, inclusion, and global road safety is evident in their ongoing efforts and achievements, now celebrated with this prestigious award at the Logistics UK Awards.

This recognition not only highlights Brigade Electronics' dedication to enhancing road safety but also underscores the importance of corporate responsibility and global partnerships in tackling critical challenges in developing regions. As they continue their work with Transaid and other initiatives, Brigade Electronics sets a commendable example for companies worldwide in contributing positively to global safety and sustainability.