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Celebrating Inclusivity: ITV's Sam Tatlow MBE Honored in the Disability Power 100 List 2023

Celebrating Inclusivity: ITV's Sam Tatlow MBE Honored in the Disability Power 100 List 2023

Sam Tatlow, the recipient of MBE on ITV, is an amazing and widely known figure in creative diversity. This accolade was given at a major event that took place in London and signifies the efforts made towards an inclusive society with specific reference to entertainment industry. It is not only an accomplishment for Tatlow, but also highlights the significance of acknowledging workplace diversity as a valuable element for both employees and job hunters.

Sam Tatlow MBE: A Trailblazer in Diversity

Tatlow is a Creative Diversity Partner at ITV’s Diversity & Inclusion Team where she has played a critical role in executing ITV’s Diversity Acceleration Plan. Her function involves guaranteeing diverse and comprehensive teams for ITV commissions especially in Factual Entertainment, Sport, Daytime as well as Soaps among others. She does not limit her reach to just ITV but works with others within the industry like TV Access Project aimed at increasing disabled access to production.

A Career Dedicated to Inclusivity

Before joining ITV, her career had been characterized by great strides towards inclusivity. At thinkBIGGER!, she worked on projects like Channel 4 Production Training Scheme and training program for Disabled presenters and reporters for the London 2012 Paralympic Games. She also chairs BAFTA’s Disability Advisory Group even as she serves in their Learning, Inclusion and Talent committee. She received an MBE for her services to Disabled People in The Queen’s Jubilee Birthday Honours list of June 2022.


The Impact of the Disability Power 100 List

The Disability Power 100 List started by Shaw Trust Foundation goes beyond being an honor; it is a chance for transformation. It seeks to make their profiles more visible while encouraging future leaders by celebrating the accomplishments of these influential UK Disabled individuals. This list generally marks a step forward in recognizing Disabled people's contributions while challenging disability stigmas.

ITV’s Commitment to Diversity

Dr. Shani Dhanda together with Jason Arday both members of ITV’s Cultural Advisory Council have been listed on Shaw Trust Foundation’s Disability Power 100 List, in a demonstration of the company’s commitment to diversity. This is just one element of the wider commitment that ITV has towards an accessible and inclusive working environment.

Tatlow’s Vision for the Future

In her statement, MBE holder Sam Tatlow confessed her joy and gratitude for being included again in the Disability Power 100 List. She underscored how important it was that awards like these inspired disabled people and reminded the world about their valued contributions. In future, she entreateded herself to continue working on making this industry more open and inclusive than it is now.


Sam Tatlow MBE featuring in the Disability Power 100 List 2023 shows how much devoted she is to promoting diversity as well as inclusivity within entertainment industry. What she has done is a motivation for all jobseekers and employers which stresses out the need for embracing variety across various fields. This would mean we are getting closer to a society where inclusion becomes a reality not just an ideal celebrated during such moments.