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Celebrating Inclusivity: ITV's Sam Tatlow MBE Honored in the Disability Power 100 List 2023

Celebrating Inclusivity: ITV's Sam Tatlow MBE Honored in the Disability Power 100 List 2023

In a remarkable celebration of diversity and inclusivity, ITV’s Sam Tatlow MBE, a prominent figure in the realm of creative diversity, has been honored in the prestigious Disability Power 100 List 2023. This recognition, held at a significant event in London, underscores the strides being made towards an inclusive society, particularly in the entertainment industry. The accolade is not just a personal achievement for Tatlow but a beacon of inspiration for both jobseekers and employers in understanding the value of diversity in the workplace.

Sam Tatlow MBE: A Trailblazer in Diversity

Sam Tatlow, serving as the Creative Diversity Partner in ITV’s Diversity & Inclusion Team, has been instrumental in driving ITV’s Diversity Acceleration Plan. Her role involves ensuring diverse and inclusive teams for ITV commissions, particularly in areas like Factual Entertainment, Sport, Daytime, and Soaps. Her efforts extend beyond ITV, working with the wider industry to enhance access and inclusion for Disabled people in production through initiatives like the TV Access Project.

A Career Dedicated to Inclusivity

Before joining ITV, Tatlow's career was marked by significant contributions to inclusivity. At thinkBIGGER!, she worked on projects like the Channel 4 Production Training Scheme and the training program for Disabled presenters and reporters for the London 2012 Paralympic Games. Her leadership extends to chairing BAFTA’s Disability Advisory Group and being a member of their Learning, Inclusion, and Talent committee. Her dedication was recognized with an MBE for her services to Disabled People in the Queen’s Jubilee Birthday Honours list in June 2022.

The Impact of the Disability Power 100 List

The Disability Power 100 List, an initiative by the Shaw Trust Foundation, is more than an accolade; it's a platform for change. It celebrates the achievements of the most influential Disabled people in the UK, aiming to elevate their profiles and inspire future leaders. The list is a crucial step in acknowledging the contributions of Disabled individuals and breaking the stigma around disability.

ITV’s Commitment to Diversity

ITV's commitment to diversity is further exemplified by the recognition of Dr. Shani Dhanda and Jason Arday, both members of ITV’s Cultural Advisory Council, in the Disability Power 100 List. This recognition reflects ITV's broader commitment to creating an accessible and inclusive work environment.

Tatlow’s Vision for the Future

In her statement, Sam Tatlow MBE expressed her pride and honor in being included in the Disability Power 100 List for a second time. She emphasized the importance of such recognitions in inspiring Disabled individuals and encouraging society to appreciate the unique contributions of Disabled people. Looking ahead, she is committed to continuing her work in making the entertainment industry more accessible and inclusive.


The inclusion of Sam Tatlow MBE in the Disability Power 100 List 2023 is a testament to her unwavering commitment to diversity and inclusivity in the entertainment industry. Her achievements serve as an inspiring example for both jobseekers and employers, highlighting the importance of embracing diversity in every sector. As we celebrate such milestones, we move closer to a world where inclusivity is not just an ideal but a lived reality.