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Celebrating 100K LinkedIn Followers: A Milestone for Diverse Jobs Matter

Celebrating 100K LinkedIn Followers: A Milestone for Diverse Jobs Matter

Diverse Jobs Matter (DJM) is happy to announce that we have reached 100,000 LinkedIn followers! This incredible feat signifies our commitment to addressing inequality in the recruitment pipeline, which would have been impossible without your unwavering support.

Our Journey

From its inception, DJM has aimed at a more inclusive job market. We do not only have a job board, but our mission looks beyond that; we are moving a diverse talent platform that manages vacancies dynamically, ensuring their placement in front of the right people. By helping inclusionary companies diversify their talent acquisition, removing biases, and addressing structural inequalities pervasive in hiring processes, we are setting the stage for fairer workplaces.

A Heartfelt Thank You

When we hit 100k followers, it exceeded numbers—it spoke to an active community committed to cultivating diversity and inclusiveness within workspaces. Each follower is part of a broader movement toward levelling the playing field within labour markets, so we appreciate those who landed here.

To our partners, thank you for entrusting us with your hiring needs and sharing our dream of having an all-inclusive workforce that will never be exhausted by diversity. Your commitment to diversity shows us the way in our quest for innovation and improved services.

To our followers, thank you for being part of our journey. The value of your presence, input, and backing cannot be measured. As such, we have positively influenced the job market one chance at a time.

Join Us in Celebrating

We have some exciting plans for the future, such as broadening our partnership network, improving our platform, and coming up with fresh initiatives to support our mission even better. Watch out for more updates and opportunities to get involved!

You can help celebrate this achievement by sharing your DJM’s experience, interacting with our content, or spreading the word about our vision. Together, we can continue to build a more inclusive and diverse workforce.

Thank you for being among the Diverse Jobs Matter community members. Here’s to reaching new heights together!