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How Diversity Makes Us Stronger

How Diversity Makes Us Stronger

"In diversity, there is beauty and strength."

-Maya Angelou

The world in which we live is reflected in diversity. Decades of research have demonstrated that it is a powerful force capable of fostering a strong corporate culture and increasing profits in the long run. Integrating diversity on an academic level is also critical for preparing civically engaged and responsible leaders for the future while also creating a campus that values each individual's contributions and perspective.

Furthermore, having a diverse set of skills can provide advantages in all aspects of society. For example, for a football team to be successful and perform well, different roles or positions with different skills are required, without which the team cannot compete or evolve. It is only natural to wonder what benefits diversity of race, gender, or cultural background provides us.

The Century Foundation's extensive research on racial and socioeconomic diversity and inclusion in schools has revealed that social diversity results in a variety of cognitive and social benefits for students. Simply put, diversity makes us smarter. Furthermore, differences in opinions, experiences, and perspectives positively affect a student's overall learning, which will be beneficial for their life after graduation, influencing their future professional and personal life. Let us examine the various ways in which diversity can benefit academic and professional life:

Diversity encourages critical thinking.

According to the Century Foundation, diversity in the classroom allows students to consider opinions and perspectives other than their own. Exposing oneself to different points of view allows for critical reflection on one's own assumptions as well as a fresh and new perspective on the world.

Furthermore, Scientific American discovered that exposure to diversity alters the way people think, ultimately improving innovation, creativity, and problem-solving abilities, making us smarter. Furthermore, Antonio et al. (2004) contend that diversity stimulates cognitive thinking. Meaning that disagreeing with someone from a different background than oneself prompts critical thinking, as opposed to disagreeing with someone from the same background or holding the same opinions.


Diversity helps students prepare for adulthood.

The workplace is an entirely different environment than campus life. As a result, it is critical to be prepared to face the professional world, which is made up of people from various backgrounds. As a result, interacting successfully with colleagues who are different from us can be difficult, especially if we have no prior exposure to a diverse environment.

As a result, diversity at school and group project management with diverse team members who share and represent diverse perspectives, race, gender, and ethnicity will eventually prepare students to integrate into the workplace and the world successfully.


Diversity inspires creativity and innovation.

Diversity is one of the most important factors in forming innovative teams, according to research conducted both professionally and academically. This is because it fosters creativity by bringing together diverse perspectives, ideas, and voices that can result in a unique idea, output, or strategy. On the other hand, creativity is the process of gathering various ideas and shaping them into something unique and new. Furthermore, research indicates that teams with racial diversity outperform teams with minimal diversity when it comes to problem solving.

The benefits of diversity range from individual students enrolled in institutions to businesses and society as a whole. However, it is critical to emphasise that poor diversity management can lead to conflicts and sometimes failures in a class's learning outcomes.

Maya Angelou once said, "In diversity, there is beauty and strength." Bringing people from different backgrounds together is therefore critical in providing students and professionals with the opportunity to learn and excel in a diverse and creative learning environment. We can only become stronger, better, and lead rich, successful lives by embracing diversity and recognising the contributions and differences in viewpoints provided by others.