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Giving back to the London community: Diversity focused job board offers free use to charities

Are you a UK-based charity looking to get up to speed on diversity and inclusion in the workplace? Are you struggling to ethically recruit a diverse workforce?

DiverseJobsMatter (DJM) is here to help, offering free platform use to registered UK charities. Led by recruiters with over 20 years of industry experience and powered by a passionate team of diversity specialists, the job board offers a simple solution to organisations looking to commit to a more inclusive selection process. Through anonymising candidates and reaching out to excluded communities, DJM is growing a talent platform which minimises unconscious bias and reflects the diversity of London.

London is 44% minority ethnic, and so DJM's candidate bank is too.

So, what does this mean for organisations? In posting their openings to DJM, charities instantly diversify their recruitment strategy. London is 44% minority ethnic*, and so DJM's candidate bank is too. As a result, employers receive applications from a wide variety of individuals with a range of skillsets and experiences. For those wishing to lighten their workload further, a dedicated account manager can provide candidate shortlists that are diverse, of the highest calibre, and tailored to the job role.

What are you waiting for? Get in touch today to begin building an inclusive workforce that celebrates the diversity of London.

Not a charity? We would love to hear from you too! Drop me an email to discuss our packages at