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How Medallia: an Austin technology business create more inclusive workplaces

How Medallia: an Austin technology business create more inclusive workplaces


Terms like “diversity” and “inclusion” risk becoming buzzwords in the tech world if they are not underpinned by deed, drive and cooperation. Here, Medallia vocalized how they are creating a more inclusive and diverse work environment.

Medallia, located in San Mateo, established its Austin office in the summer of 2017 with a sales-focused hiring strategy. Lauren Jackman, the company's inclusion practice lead, is in charge of Medallia's diversity and inclusion activities. Specific actions include a commitment to providing equal pay, non-binary restroom signs in the workplace, and an emphasis on what applicants can contribute to the culture rather than how they would fit in with the established culture. 


How does your hiring procedure foster diversity?

We use the finest techniques to eliminate unconscious biases and assure fairness and impartiality. We run our job descriptions through a gendered language decoder to ensure we're not unwittingly appealing to certain job searchers more than others. We also consider what someone can bring to our corporate culture rather than how they fit into the established culture, which might unjustly punish people from various backgrounds. We are now concentrating on ensuring that our interview process is organized and that the assessment criteria are clearly established.

We're also obtaining information to track outcomes such as employment rates for various demographic groupings. We are constantly attempting to identify areas where we can be better. We are devoted to an operation that mirrors our dedication to diversity at every stage.


What policies does your business have in place to make your workplace more inviting?

We have the fundamentals in place to ensure the security and respect of all employees, such as a clear code of conduct, an anti-harassment and bullying policy, an anti-discrimination policy, and obligatory training on these policies. We've also made a commitment to fair pay and completed our first-ever pay equality review to guarantee that U.S. Medallians are equal (i.e., there are no statistically significant disparities) for equivalent labour, experience, and performance across gender and race. We are dedicated to performing frequent assessments of our procedures to ensure that Medallians continue to get good salaries.

In terms of advantages, we provide six weeks of parental leave to all new parents and a program called MilkStork to assist Medallians who are heading to work while lactating. We took part in the Corporate Equality Index for the first time last year, and as a result of that, we are recognized as the Best Place to Work for LGBTQ Equality, partly due to the support that same-sex couples and trans people receive through our benefit programs. We have policies in place to accommodate Medallians who are transitioning at work, and we have non-binary toilet signs in our headquarters to ensure that everyone feels at ease in our environment.


What resources are readily available inside the business to help with diversity and inclusion?

We provide a range of employee resource groups that are all run by volunteers. These communities contribute significantly to our area by organizing internal celebrations such as Pride Week and our talent show, providing professional development opportunities such as participating in our Medallia mentorship program called WIRED and creating opportunities for Medallians to give back. A11y (accessibility); BAM (Blacks @ Medallia); HispanX Voices; Medley (a cross-functional diversity council); Parents, Q Field (LGBTQ+); Women@; Women in Tech; and Vets@ are among them.


Is Medallia in touch with outside advocacy organizations to discuss ways to make your recruiting process more inclusive?

To help us find talent, we collaborate with three external organizations: Year Up, which focuses on shuttering the equal chance disparity for young individuals; Path Forward, which specializes in assisting caregivers re-start their own career path; and Breakline, which concentrates on assisting veterans to shift into career paths in the tech world. We also organize and fund events, collaborating with organizations such as the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers and the 100 Black Men of the Bay Area, and sponsoring events such as Geek Girl Dinners, to support and guide us connect with talent from areas that we know are underrepresented in the business. We are currently working to expand these collaborations with local groups to other office locations.