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How ShipStation: an Austin technology business creates more inclusive workplaces

How ShipStation: an Austin technology business creates more inclusive workplaces

Terms like “diversity” and “inclusion” risk becoming buzzwords in the tech world if they are not underpinned by deed, drive and cooperation. Here, ShipStation vocalized how they are creating a more inclusive and diverse work environment.


Diversity hiring strategies at ShipStation start from the top. Robert Gilbreath, the company's VP of marketing and partnerships, spoke about how the company's leadership is committed to building a staff with diverse experiences and viewpoints in order to encourage creativity.


How does your employing approach encourage diversity?

We all have our own distinct viewpoints as people, which limits how we interact with the world in various ways. By concentrating on establishing a diverse staff with multiple experiences and viewpoints, we come closer to having a full 360-degree vision of the world, which will help us continue to succeed in our goal of enabling all merchants to grow and prosper regardless of where they sell or how they ship.


What measures does your company put in place to foster a more inclusive workplace?

We are an anti-discrimination company committed to establishing a nurturing workplace. Equality of opportunity extends further than the bottom of a new job role; it must be incorporated into the leadership's hiring priorities, as we have done at ShipStation.


What resources are available inside the business to assist with equality and diversity?

We have a group of leaders that is devoted to the development of varied talent. Mentoring is an integral part of ShipStation for those who want it.


Do you consult with outside advocacy groups about how to make your company's hiring process more inclusive?

We collaborate with several groups to poll our workers and give input on how we might be more inclusive. We also engage with hiring groups that encourage workplace diversity.