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Kubrick's Training Quality

Kubrick's Training Quality

The quality of our training is what sets Kubrick apart from the rest and enables us to transform people into great professionals spanning data, AI, and technology. Here, members of our training team outline the steps they take to ensure consultants are given the best experience possible to prepare them for the working world. You'll also get to hear from consultants at various stages of the Kubrick journey regarding their experiences of the training, and the positive impact it has had on their careers to date.


Lawrence Freeman [Director of Next-Generation Technology]: We look at what is happening in the technical landscape, we very much look at what our clients are using and what's up and coming, and we look at global trends and technology, and that helps us to shape the curriculum for any one of our practices. My name is Lawrence. I'm the director of Next Generation Technology at Kubrick and I joined in May 2016. The training at Kubrick is different from any other experience you'll have in learning when it comes to next generation technology. 

David Burnham [Principal Consultant - Data Engineering]: The training that we provide, the hands on nature of it, the nature of working in Agile teams is very relevant to going out there and being productive from day one as a data consultant. 

Cybel Itani [Data Product Consultant]: It's very well designed for even complete beginners. For example, I didn't have experience in SQL and I was able to very much understand it, to enjoy it. And it's one of actually my favourite parts of the training. 


Jessie Mclean [Data Product Consultant]: Towards the end of the Kubrick training, we did a two week project which basically accumulated all of the skills that we've learnt over the 15 weeks. I think that was probably the most important part of the training, being able to just sort of bring everything together and deliver it to a senior stakeholder and just having practise in that I think made us all feel really ready to go to client side.


Chris Onowu [Head of Data Product]: By working on this real life projects. It becomes part of them. There is this saying that we keep doing something over and over. It becomes part of you. So they keep practicing and to keep working on projects, interacting with stakeholders, developing products through the course of the 15 weeks as well, and this really helps them to develop. 


Lawrence Freeman [Director of Next-Generation Technology]: You progressively apply the knowledge that you have learnt that day or that week and the technology that you've learnt over up to the 15 week period, you're still using day in and day out. The product that you build with your squad at the end of that period is a reflection of everything you've learnt. 


David Burnham [Principal Consultant - Data Engineering]: The key factor in the Kubrick training is that it's so hands on and so relevant to the industry. I can honestly say that the training that we deliver to our cohorts very much reflects the day to day work. It really sets them up to be ready to be productive from day one. 


Dr. Sarah Schloboh [Head of AI at Kubrick Group]: Throughout it, we're really going to put it in the context of the business. So where is this going to benefit a business? How should a business be thinking about this in terms of explaining it to its shareholders, to its customers? We're going to teach you to be able to craft a narrative with the story that you're telling, to use your data to tell a story that will drive business value. 


Carla Cox [Kubrick Advanced Consultant]: The really great thing that the Kubrick training provides is those kind of soft skills of working with each other, practising your presentation skills. 


Lawrence Freeman [Director of Next-Generation Technology]: They're learning how to communicate, how to gather requirements, how to define a business scope and deliverables. 


Dr. Sarah Schloboh [Head of AI at Kubrick Group]: We're also going to prepare you to engage with stakeholders within the business, how to be able to explain what we're doing to someone who might be clever but not particularly technical. 


Lawrence Freeman [Director of Next-Generation Technology]: When it comes to actually presenting the product back. They will be given critical feedback on their time management, on their presentation skills. 


Elmira Ahmedova [Associate Principal]: Consultants are continuously practising agile methodologies, working in teams and collaborating. So all of those soft skills that will actually be used daily on client sites, consultants are practising these throughout the training. 


David Burnham [Principal Consultant - Data Engineering]: I think what the Kubrick training proposition offers is access to first class training, but also access to a community of learning. 


Cybel Itani [Data Product Consultant]: There's a lot of collaboration happening throughout the time we work in pods for the whole of the training, which brings us closely together. So if, let's say a person knows more about a certain aspect in the training, they will be able to provide support to the other. 


Jessie Mclean [Data Product Consultant]: Just having lots of different ways to get help if you need it makes you feel like you're definitely not alone throughout the process. 


Lawrence Freeman [Director of Next-Generation Technology]: Our team, we love mentoring. We love providing technical support. We love hearing about what real world challenges or consultants are going through and providing that expert advice. We also, of course, provide continuous updates through our learning experience platform, whether that be new technical knowledge or deeper knowledge, but also case studies and industry level knowledge. We really are committed to a lifetime of education, not only with our own internally curated content, but also via our tech partners that we have incredibly strong relationships with. 


David Burnham [Principal Consultant - Data Engineering]: I think with Kubrick, there's amazing opportunity for growth. We're getting closer to key technology partners now and they're noticing us and supporting us. I think that will allow us to transform what we can offer to our consultants going forward. I think we are so well-placed to give our consultants the best start that they can have in the data world. 


Jessie Mclean [Data Product Consultant]: Kubrick has definitely accelerated my career in more ways than I could possibly imagine. One of the biggest things I've noticed is the choices that it gives you going into Kubrick, not having any prior knowledge of data or coding or anything like that. I think now I have a really open career path that could take me in any direction that I want it to. 


Dr. Sarah Schloboh [Head of AI at Kubrick Group]: If you're not sure if you have what it takes, I would say don't worry about it. It's not a set of specific skills that you need to have already. It's the right mindset. So can you think logically, can you be pragmatic in your solutions? Can you think creatively the specific skills they will change. The most important thing is to have a commitment to a level of learning. What's important is to get the principles that will teach you here at Kubrick to make sure that you approach the problem the correct way, you ask the right questions, that you come up with a structured solution and implement that in a way that works efficiently in the real world.