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Man to man: Workplace Happiness

Man to man: Workplace Happiness

On November 19, we have observe International Men's Day, which promotes men's mental health and well-being. International Men's Day celebrates men's experiences and brings them into the conversation about mental health. It provides a forum for discussion of 'women issues' such as flexible working and parental leave. As men, we can sometimes feel overwhelmed by the pressure to 'cope' - or appear to cope - with life's pressures. Some of us struggle to find people with whom we can share our vulnerabilities and concerns.

In this context, it is encouraging that 66% of men who responded to a Law Society survey reported feeling well supported by their immediate manager, 76% felt supported by their peers, and 65% reported high or very high life satisfaction.

Our Annual Statistics Report 2021 (ASR) also discovered that in 2022, 84% of men work flexibly, up from 55% prior to the pandemic.

In response to our ASR, however, 28% of men reported feeling anxious, and 51% reported finding it difficult to relax during their personal time due to work pressures.

Everyone in the profession should feel fully supported at work, and that every firm and employer is aware of and supportive of the mental health of their partners and employees. The individual is frequently expected to 'fix' their mental illness. In reality, we all share the responsibility of creating a positive work environment for everyone.

To assist the profession in taking responsibility for our mental health and wellbeing, the Law Society has launched a Mental Health Hub and offers remote working guidance.

With rising inflation, a looming recession, and an energy crisis, we all face stresses that may indicate mental illness.

It encourage everyone in the profession to look out for one another today and every day to ensure that our colleagues have a rewarding career and a supportive workplace.