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Men In Promoting Diversity At Work: Part 2

Men In Promoting Diversity At Work: Part 2

Each Individual Has Unconscious Bias: In the engineering workplace, unconscious prejudice may have an impact on a variety of processes, including recruiting, promotions, performance reviews, and remuneration. People stop wanting to be a part of a company when they believe they are being regarded unjustly and aren't being assessed or paid correctly.


Barret suggests putting in place programs where women mentor males to eradicate unconscious bias in order to eliminate bias. Putting in place a scheme like this to track out fast-tracked male workers and pair them up with top female executives. Male CEOs may start understanding how their prior judgments have been made by knowing how prejudice influences recruiting decisions, for example. Since everyone has some form of bias.


Programs for Diversity Must Be Diverse: A diversity program tailored to a certain demographic is a good place to start, but to truly highlight the program's efficacy, it must be diversified from the ground up. Rick Naples, a person of high position, places a high premium on diversity in the women's support networks and groups in his organization. Since he believed that a group formed to seek diversity that is entirely female will undoubtedly fail.  The number of males who join these committees should increase because, without males, efforts would not result in meaningful diversity.


Grow the Talent Pool: Organizations are looking for innovative recruitment tactics to increase the talent pool at a time when diversity is highly demanded. Adult internships or re-entry initiatives such as the STEM Re-entry Task Force appear to be doing this. Barret consents to support initiatives for re-entry. Women who left the field to start a family or care for a family member are fantastic contributors to organizations that must not be overlooked. Talents that must be recognized may not come in the shape of recent college graduates. Naples totally agrees, whether or not there is a re-entry program. He understands that while the perfect applicant for the job could possess all the credentials, this is not always the case. In the case of his most recent employment, he only met 70% of the requirements.


Empathize when Managing: In the workplace, empathy leads to successful leadership and achievement. Working men should promote respect and exhibit inclusive behaviours, according to Ernest Adams, vice president of global diversity and inclusion at Danaher Corporation. Operating with empathy and understanding so that even if you haven't walked in a woman's shoes, you can still understand what she went through to get there.


Our for-profit partners provide nonprofit organizations life, breath, and the ability to exist. In my perspective, there is no better time than now to meet around a table and discuss how we can build a more inviting and positive environment for everyone - a workplace that in an absence of diversity, would not meet its maximum potential.

Note: This claim is made by Karen Horting, Executive Director & CEO of the Society of Women Engineers (SWE), which manages international initiatives to promote women in engineering and technology.