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The Face of Workplace Cultural Diversity

The Face of Workplace Cultural Diversity

Illustrations of workplace cultural diversity: If you want to see how beneficial cultural diversity in the workplace can be, look no further. Here are three of our favorite examples to get you started.


Johnson & Johnson 

A few guides on the subject place it at the top of the list. Johnson & Johnson has a comprehensive approach to ethnic diversity. From employing technology to remove gender bias to teaching interviewers to recognize and combat bias during the hiring process, there is something for everyone.



Google provides a real-world answer to a worldwide audience by offering 4,000 languages to users. This has been the impetus for the company's success. As their motto implies to never measure a search engine by its user interface..



Kellogg's is ranked number 21 on DiversityInc's 2019 list, with a third more women in leadership roles than the national average, and they encourage advantages such as longer maternity leave.

How to handle and encourage diversity at work: As a complex topic, implementing a culturally diverse strategy in the workplace presents significant hurdles.To help strengthen diversity, promote it, and ensure the messages are comprehended, it is best to look at it from two different angles. It can be divided into what the company can accomplish and what the employees can do. When it comes to what a corporation may do to manage and encourage diversity inside the organization, the following tactics can be implemented:


  • Increasing your cultural awareness

  • Promoting and accepting diverse points of view

  • Training for implicit prejudice

  • Encouragement of the utilization of mentors.


Employees must also take responsibility for managing and encouraging diversity. Many people will have the opportunity to introduce their coworkers to their culture and background, as well as teach them what they should know and understand, such as:


  • Putting on activities to celebrate their culture

  • Volunteering at organizations that assist underrepresented groups can be done as a team building exercise.


Challenges of cultural diversity in the workplace: Creating a culturally diverse workplace is not always a simple task. While diverse businesses will face challenges along the way, there are some common elements to keep an eye out for. They include misconceptions about being marginalized from underrepresented groups, miscommunication across cultures and languages, the complexities of employment law, and contrasting working styles and etiquette.