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Using Social Media to Attract a Diverse Pool of Job Candidates

Using Social Media to Attract a Diverse Pool of Job Candidates

Using Social Media to Attract a Diverse Pool of Job Candidates: Featuring DiverseJobsMatter (DJM)

In today's interconnected digital age, social media platforms have transcended their original purpose of personal interaction and now play a pivotal role in the professional landscape. For employers, these platforms offer a valuable tool to tap into a wide and diverse range of talents, ensuring a richer and more inclusive workforce. Combining the best practices for utilizing social media with the unique offerings of platforms like DiverseJobsMatter (DJM) can yield exceptional results for employers.

Leveraging Social Media for Diversity in Recruitment:

  1. Leverage Multiple Platforms: Different social media platforms cater to different demographics. Platforms like LinkedIn cater to professional networking, while platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter can help you connect with younger audiences. Expanding your reach across various platforms will guarantee a more diverse audience.

  2. Showcase Your Company's Commitment to Diversity: Create content that emphasizes your company's diversity initiatives. Share stories from diverse employees, engage in inclusivity dialogues, and display your company's diverse activities.

  3. Use Diverse Imagery in Posts: Ensure that the images and videos you share are representative of a diverse and inclusive community. Feature real employees from various backgrounds in your content.

  4. Engage with Minority-focused Groups: Participate in forums and groups dedicated to professional networking for minority groups. Engaging with these communities not only helps in attracting diverse candidates but also in understanding their unique needs and expectations.

  5. Collaborate with Influencers: Work with influencers and bloggers from various backgrounds to share experiences, insights, and opportunities within your company.

Introducing DiverseJobsMatter (DJM):

DJM is a UK-centric job board that champions diversity and inclusivity across all sectors and markets. With its reach encompassing most towns and cities in the UK, DJM provides both Premium (Bronze, Silver, and Gold) and Basic (Copper) listings.

Key Features of DJM:

  • Dedicated Account Manager (Premium Only): Personalized marketing of vacancies, targeting potential overlooked candidates, and enhancing click rates.

  • Social Media Package (Premium Only): Increases job visibility, promotes the company’s diversity credentials, and fosters brand engagement on platforms.

  • Featured Job & Company (Premium Only): Elevates company visibility, ensuring prime positioning on search results.

  • Client Dashboard (Both Listings): An intuitive interface to manage applications and monitor the job board’s effectiveness.

  • Jobs Multi-Posting (Both Listings): Integration with popular ATS platforms ensures automated job synchronization and posting.

If intrigued, employers can book a demo to explore DJM's offerings in detail here.


In the digital recruitment age, the combined power of social media best practices and specialized platforms like DJM ensures a diverse and inclusive recruitment landscape. By following these strategies, employers can cultivate a workplace rich in perspectives and experiences, essential for innovation and growth.