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What To Look For In A Workforce Management Solution

What To Look For In A Workforce Management Solution

Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.

—Stephen Hawking


From engaging and empowering employees to reducing manual and administrative tasks, Softworks explores some the key things organisations looking for a workforce management solution should consider.

The most successful organisations today are the ones that are fostering a culture of empowered, motivated and satisfied staff. For this reason, advances in HR and workforce management technology have focused on developing systems that not only benefit the bottom line, but also the working lives and experiences of employees. 

If you are thinking of upgrading your workforce management technology, here are the top features that you should look for that your employees will love.

Accessing annual leave entitlements and balances

While we may not be going anywhere exotic for a while, we all look forward to our holidays. However, keeping a record of what’s been taken and what’s left can be laborious if the process is not automated. 

With a workforce management solution, it’s easy-peasy. Employees can access their own holiday information including time carried over from the previous year, leave already taken and days left to take.


Booking annual leave

Now that everyone knows their entitlements and balances, it’s time to get that holiday sorted. Using today’s employee and manager self-service solutions and mobile apps it’s child’s play. 

Leave requests are automatically sent to line managers by email and they can be approved or declined in a single click. This swift process helps to increase employee engagement and with a bit of luck, the best holiday deals on the market – we can’t 100 per cent promise that bit though.


Recording planned and unplanned absences

Going to be out for a bit? No problem. Booking absences such as business absences, exam leave, training, study, parental, maternity and time off in lieu (TOIL) is painless. Just like booking holidays – absence requests are sent directly to line managers, who can approve them at the click of a button, meaning employees receive fast feedback on their requests.


Managing flexible and remote working

Flexible and remote working is here to stay and both employers and employees are recognising the benefits of this new way of working. However, without automation, it can be a logistical and administrative nightmare for line managers and HR departments. 

A good system will enable employees to record their own hours via their laptop, desktop or mobile app and view their own flexi balances and rosters. Where an organisation allows it, they can even organise their own shift swaps – no need for a middle man(ager) here.


Automating manual processes

It doesn’t matter whether you are managing a team or part of a team, nobody enjoys manual processes and administration, well nobody we know anyway. 

With a workforce management solution, you can wave goodbye to manual processes such as recording information in spreadsheets and paper files. You can stop chasing emails or digging through email trails to check balances. An automated solution offers employees one central hub for everything - no more waiting for line managers, HR or Payroll departments to respond. 

And on the flip side, everyone can concentrate on more meaningful tasks, rather than spending time on queries around annual leave balances, schedules and absence requests.

Workforce management solutions have literally transformed the way organisations operate. They give employees more control and this in turn creates a culture of happy, motivated and empowered people.