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Where I am now - Ezekiel Ola

Where I am now - Ezekiel Ola

In this video, Kubrick Alumni member Ezekiel Ola reflects on his time at Kubrick as a Data Management consultant and the impact we have had on his career to date.


Before joining Kubrick, Ezekiel had no experience in data, yet through our high-quality, paid training and access to exciting data projects across leading UK clients and industries, he was able to accelerate to a senior position within the space of just 4 short years. We love hearing from our alumni members and seeing where our offering has taken them, and look forward to sharing more stories in the future.

Interview with Ezekiel Ola: Four years ago. I didn't know how to write a line of code. If I hadn't gone through the Kubrick program, getting to where I am now would have been nigh-on-impossible in terms of delivering you're able to meet those expectations. And the more consistently we met those expectations, the more areas of leadership are provided with as well. I can only really have Kubrick to thank for that. Especially with regards to the sort of exposure I've had and the experience I've gained.

My name is Ezekiel Ola. I officially left Kubrick in 2021. And I ended up joining one of our media clients, which is a completely new industry for me, but I just thought it would be something very exciting to jump into a whole new experience which is what I'm all about. Prior to joining Kubrick, I actually worked in audit for a couple of months and decided it wasn't really for me. So I decided I wanted to go into an industry that allowed me to be more of myself in a way. And I think consultancy allowed me to tackle a diverse range of problems with a diverse range of solutions and to be more creative with the solutions I provide. I actually negotiated my job spec with my employer. I actually negotiated my job spec with my employer. We sat down together and we went through the things I would like to do, the kind of impact I would like to have and the kind of projects I would like to undertake. And that played a massive role in sort of the projects I'm undertaking now in terms of my position in the company. 

So I'm the only data governance specialist in the organization. So I work as part of the data team, but I report directly to our head of data. As well as our technology director as well. If I hadn't gone through the Kubrick program, I feel like getting to where I am now would have been nigh-on-impossible, just because the stigma that comes with being a Kubrick consultant when you're on client site is second to none. Everyone in my organization currently knows what a Kubrick consultant is. And they're very keen to take on more because of the work that me and other consultants have done on-site. And because of that, it's a lot easier to not only have to prove to clients what you do in terms of delivering. 

The more consistently we met those expectations, the more responsibility we were given, and the more areas of leadership we were provided with as well. The key benefits of joining Kubrick include the fact that you are paid to train a lot of organizations and a lot of our competitors; that option isn't included as part of the package. And in addition to that, we are training for up to three months on average, and in such a short amount of time, the amount of depth we go into and the quality of the training as well. You have trainers that have been in the industry for almost decades; the quality and the depth of the training are second to none; for me, those are definitely the key aspects of it. 

Another benefit of the, the Kubrick training scheme is the fact that there is massive, massive exposure to leaders in industry as well. You have a vast array of opportunities. These projects are hugely important to the strategies of these industry leaders as well. And the experience you will get on those projects will set you up for a very lucrative career in terms of the exposure you will have the network you will build. Kubrick definitely does offer you that all-important first foot through the door. That, a lot of let's say master schemes probably won't provide you with. I would definitely recommend Kubrick to anyone who wants an opportunity to undertake responsibility early on in their career to work with various exciting, new cutting-edge technologies and to have access to very high technical and supportive mentorship scheme as well. With the amount of growth and with the amount of experience I've accumulated over the last four years or so, I'm very excited to see how the next four years go for me.

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