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Why Advertise Jobs on Diversity and Inclusion Job Boards?

Why Advertise Jobs on Diversity and Inclusion Job Boards?

Advertising jobs on diversity and inclusion job boards is an effective way to attract a diverse pool of candidates and promote a culture of inclusivity within your organization.

Diversity and inclusion job boards specialize in connecting employers with underrepresented groups, including people of color, women, LGBTQ+ individuals, people with disabilities, and veterans. These job boards have a targeted audience that is actively seeking opportunities with companies that value diversity and inclusion.

Below are the top 5 Diversity Job boards you may look into:

Diversity Job Board 1: DiverseJobsMatter

DiverseJobsMatter is committed to filling in the gaps in the pipeline for hiring.

The team behind the job board draws on 20 years of experience in hiring to offer minority prospects a talent platform designed to be their home.  Employers seeking to be more inclusive and supportive of underrepresented communities have posted job openings on the board.

The website gets 6,000 unique visitors each week and provides firms wishing to advertise with a variety of price alternatives.


1. The Bronze Package

For £500, you can advertise one job for 30 days. If you do, you’ll be a featured company and the listing will be a featured job. Applicants will be connected directly to your applicant tracking system (ATS) and client dashboard. You’ll also receive basic social media exposure.


2. The Silver Package

For £3,000, you’ll be able to advertise an unlimited number of jobs over a six-month timeframe. Your company will be featured, and so will your job. Again, applicants will be connected to your ATS and dashboard. At this tier, you’ll receive a full social media package. Your vacancies will even be posted to partnership networks, increasing exposure.


3. The Gold Package

For £5,000, you’ll be able to advertise an unlimited number of jobs over a 12-month timeframe. Your company and job will be featured. Your applicants will be connected to your ATS and dashboard, you’ll receive the social media package, and your vacancies will be posted to partnership networks.


4. A Custom Package

For pricing that will change dependent on the services you receive, you can craft a custom package out of any combination of the features listed above.You’ll then receive a dedicated account manager and access to an anonymised, searchable CV database.

5. CV Writing Service

Diversejobsmatter also offers CV writing services. They will create a  well-written, professional-looking CV for you to present to your potential employers


Diversity Job Board 2: LGBT Jobs

LGBT Jobs is a job board that brings together a variety of opportunities from welcoming employers, and it presently has thousands of live jobs on the platform.  It's a terrific idea to advertise a job opening on LBGT Jobs if you're an equal opportunity company.

Lots of high-profile clients advertise with LGBT Jobs, including:

  • Benefit Cosmetics
  • DHL
  • SEGA
  • Red Bull
  • Starbucks
  • Hello Fresh
  • Sky
  • Cats Protection
  • Liverpool Football Club

Regardless of your industry, LGBT Jobs is a board that you can use to successfully attract qualified candidates, assuring them of your commitment to inclusivity and workplace equality.


Diversity Job Board 3: BME Jobs

There are now little under 5,000 open positions on this job board. This website is a fantastic place to start if you're trying to attract BAME prospects. The same people who produced LGBT Jobs also launched BME Jobs.

The same prominent equal opportunity employers that advertise on LGBT Jobs are also present here.  All types of applicants are prepared and waiting for the appropriate openings to be listed on the board.

Will your business post them and recruit some talent?

Diversity Job Board 4: Evenbreak

Disabled job searchers can feel secure, supported, and confident on Evenbreak's job board. Every position posted on Evenbreak comes from an employer who actively promotes diversity in the workplace and is welcoming.

According to Evenbreak, the site was created to solve two key problems.


1. Disabled jobseekers were struggling to figure out which employers were inclusive, and often found themselves wasting their time, applying to work for the wrong companies.

2. Employers were struggling, simultaneously, to attract disabled candidates.

Then Evenbreak appeared, bringing together recruiters and candidates in a secure environment. According to Enactus research, 82% of candidates with disabilities believe that finding genuine disability-friendly workplaces is their largest obstacle to employment. Evenbreak, however, offers a solution to this problem.

Diversity Job Board 5: Investing in Women

It's easy to figure out what the goal of Investing in Women is. Business mothers frequently struggle to balance the obligations of parenting and a work in a field they find fulfilling. Even for employees who consistently generate high-quality results, companies occasionally force women to leave professions they love because they are unwilling to be inclusive and flexible about working hours. A job board called Investing in Women offers numerous flexible and part-time positions in an effort to buck this trend.

On the website, you can browse job openings from UK companies that value families. 

Opportunities listed on the website span the following sectors, many of which have historically been off-limits to working mothers juggling obligations:

  • Banking
  • FinTech
  • Finance
  • Accounting
  • Insurance
  • Consulting
  • Legal
  • Real Estate


By advertising on these job boards, you can reach a wider pool of qualified candidates who may not have otherwise been exposed to your job posting. This can help to increase the diversity of your applicant pool, making it more likely that you will find the best candidate for the job, regardless of their background.

In addition to attracting a more diverse pool of candidates, advertising on diversity and inclusion job boards also sends a message to your current and potential employees that your company values diversity and inclusion. This can help to create a more inclusive culture within your organization, which can lead to increased employee engagement, retention, and productivity.

Moreover, it also allows you to attract top talent with diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and ideas, which can bring new and innovative solutions to your organization. Having a diverse workforce can also lead to better decision-making, improved problem-solving, and increased adaptability.

In conclusion, advertising jobs on diversity and inclusion job boards is a smart business decision that can help your company attract a diverse pool of candidates, promote a culture of inclusivity, and lead to increased employee engagement, retention, and productivity. By leveraging the strengths of a diverse workforce, you can gain a competitive advantage and create a more successful business.