Altera Digital Health

Altera Digital Health’s statement on Diversity Equality and Inclusion

At Altera we are committed to fostering a workplace that embraces diversity, equality, and inclusion as core values. We believe we can drive innovation, creativity, and better outcomes for both our team and the communities we serve, through cultivating an environment where individuals from diverse backgrounds, experiences and perspectives feel valued and respected.

We continuously recognise and celebrate the unique qualities that everyone brings to our organisation. We strive to eliminate barriers and provide equal opportunities for all members of our team to thrive.

We actively promote an inclusive culture where every voice is heard, and every perspective is valued. We believe that diverse and inclusive teams drive innovation and better decision-making.

Altera Digital Health is committed to continuous learning and improvement in our DE&I efforts. We will regularly assess our policies, practices, and programs to ensure they align with our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.