Amnesty International UK

Amnesty International UK has an important role to play in advocating for the rights of marginalised and oppressed people and has done so with the confidence of its members, staff and activists for the last 60 years. This has included vital research projects, partnerships, campaigns and mobilisation efforts to combat human rights abuses globally. With the launch of AIUK’s 2030 strategy, our work will begin to take a more focused look at the root causes of human rights abuses and recognising that at times these are being influenced by institutionalised and systemic inequalities that impact rightsholders in different ways.

From policies that reinforce racism towards communities of colour to transphobic rhetoric in the media, we recognise that there are various and often intersecting factors at play, often entrenched in policy, culture and behaviours, that result in human rights abuses. Our work, and the ways we engage with rightsholders and partners, must reflect these nuances in human rights and as a result, we must prioritise building the necessary confidence, capacity and agency in all our people – staff, activists and leadership – to challenge and dismantle inequality wherever it manifests.

At the same time, AIUK has a responsibility to internalise this vision for human rights by creating a movement where all people – from any background – feel a strong sense of belonging and can play their part in delivering inclusive and meaningful change for rightsholders all around the world. This means taking proactive and innovative steps to make our movement more inclusive, equitable and representative of the different communities we work for, and with.