Organix Brands Ltd - A BCorp Company

What are we doing?

At Organix we are on a journey to raise awareness and understanding of ourselves and others. Because understanding diversity, how we can be more inclusive, and where we might have blind spots relies on us understanding ourselves first. We're learning more about what makes each of us, those building blocks from the very start of our lives, and the experiences since that have formed how we choose to see the world and how we act within it. We know that there are many different forms of diversity, and that no one person fits into one box.  We all have our own lived experience, but to understand others and the challenges they face (and the intersectionality that quite often is also present) we need to understand lived experience first. We are taking this journey slowly, respectfully and working to raise awareness in a way that helps to drive DEI into our culture in a meaningful and sustainable way. We are seeking to get it right as individuals, and when we don't get it right (as we sometimes won't) we will seek to learn better.