Managing Editor

  • 7C3
  • Hybrid (Farringdon, London, on a 3-day a week hybrid model)
  • Jul 08, 2024
Full time Editorial

Job Description

The Role: Managing Editor
Reporting to:
Editorial and Workflow Lead
Up to £47,000 per annum
Start date:
As soon as possible
Contract Type:
Full-time, permanent

You’re here to ………make sure that the content we produce is the best it can be, the editorial process is as smooth and efficient as possible and that the work is engaging and accurate. 

We’ll keep you busy with……

  1. Managing our workflow systems on a day-to-day basis, ensuring deadlines are met and the processes are adhered to
  2. Keeping on top of new processes and budget management and initiating new systems when appropriate
  3. Subbing, amends and sign-off as required
  4. Forming relationships with our regular contributors, commissioning and editing copy
  5. Feature writing and copy writing as required
  6. Client facing meetings when required
  7. Managing the Senior Sub-Editor/Writer
  8. Initiating creative editorial ideas as required and supporting the Editorial and Workflow Lead

You’ll know you’re doing a great job when….

  1. The workflow systems work efficiently and deadlines are met
  2. Our content is of high quality and always accurate
  3. We stick to our editorial budgets
  4. Our clients are impressed with our content delivery
  5. Our regular contributors are happy and enthused
  6. The editorial/subbing team are productive and happy

More than this it’s about how you go about your days at Seven. We love it when people are…

  1. Friendly and approachable, someone that people naturally gravitate to and want to work with
  2. Creative regardless of role, open minded  to come up with the best solution or new initiative
  3. Positive always, with the ability to rise above any set backs
  4. Brave and not afraid to say what they think, admit when something isn’t working, come up with ideas, make changes for the better
  5. Keen to develop themselves, share what you learn and use new knowledge to make things better
  6. Self aware, decent and considerate, able to diffuse situations and can work well with different characters
  7. Eager to take part in building a great culture, whether that’s coming to our Summer party or volunteering to become a mentor, , feedback how you feel. It all makes a difference.


Up to £47,000 per annum