Our Team

Char Vinta

Chariver Vinta Social Media Manager

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Sebastian Pampanini

Sebastian Pampanini Director of Operations

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Haider Mirza

Haider Mirza Head of UK Client Accounts

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Joseph (Kabatha) Rapando

Joseph (Kabatha) Rapando Account Manager

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Teresah Wairimu

Teresah Wairimu Account Manager

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Sangrila Shrestha

Sangrilla ShresthaAccount Manager

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Sabin Shrestha

Sabin Shrestha Account Manager

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Mia Brooks

Mia Brooks Account Assistant

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Emilia Carter

Emilia Carter Diversity and Inclusion Specialist.

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We actively support positive action in employment, encouraging individuals with 'protected characteristics' (such as race, sex, or sexual orientation) to apply for jobs. Our approach involves taking proportionate action that aims to reduce disadvantage, meet different needs and increase participation, thereby creating a level playing field.

The selection process remains merit-based, ensuring the best candidate secures the position, irrespective of specific characteristics. Granting preferential treatment solely based on a protected characteristic is generally prohibited, unless a strict occupational requirement is applicable, such as in cases where a women’s refuge requires all staff members to be female.

Furthermore, we extend additional support to disabled job applicants or employees, aiming to remove any disadvantage they may be facing.