Our Team

Celebrating our differences through workplace diversity and inclusion

Sebastian Pampanini

Sebastian Pampanini Director of Operations

Purpose driven leader who understands we have a shared responsibility to challenge the systematic inequalities that make it more difficult for underrepresented individuals to start or develop their careers. Dedicated to diversity in the workplace and the natural world. Mentor and career coach to Generation Z.
Anna Wallbank

Anna Wallbank Managing Director

Anna has been a strategic business partner to City of London law firms for over 25 years. Horrified at the under representation of ethnic minorities in talent acquisition, she launched DJM to level the playing field.
Ebony Baxter-Alleyne

Ebony Baxter-Alleyne Talent Acquisition Executive

With a background in administration and Human Resources, Ebony is a hard-working self-starter with tonnes of energy! Bringing friendly and positive energy to the workplace, humanising the recruitment process by prioritising diversity & inclusion is an issue close to her heart.
Valentino Imasiku

Valentino Imasiku Talent Acquisition Executive

Valentino is a HR Recruiter inspired to bring equality, diversity & inclusion to the workplace. From a young age Valentino has had a burning passion to be a doctor, always wanting to help people, and has now brought this passion to HR to provide those from underrepresented backgrounds with opportunities.
Euan Brooms

Euan Brooms Talent Acquisition Executive

Self-motivated and keen on promoting diversity & inclusion within the workplace, Euan prioritises the underserved and underrepresented. With a background in customer service and e-commerce, he brings a valuable skillset to working on improving workplace D&I.
Euan Brooms

Kyle Raymond Talent Acquisition Executive

Kyle is a firm believer that an organisation’s most valuable asset is their people, hence it is vital to select and nurture the best and diverse talent to drive effective business growth. As a man of colour, Kyle also resonates with DJM’s mission to deconstruct systemic injustices in recruitment practises.
Euan Brooms

Haider Mirza Account Manager

Talent Acquisition Executive and Account Manager with a strong conviction in the importance of Diversity and Inclusion as a core tenant of not only his own personal ethos, but in it’s application within the workplace. With a background in Psychology he prioritizes neurodiversity and mental health as key facets of diversity that often remain underserved. Gender and Ethnic diversity remain key focal points in the candidates he attracts to increase workplace diversity, helping those underprivileged and those left behind.
Euan Brooms

Mahnoor Ahmad Diversity Manager

Mahnoor understands the importance of giving the silenced, a voice. Using the DJM platform, she hopes to shed light on matters of racism, sexism, ableism and more. Most importantly she will be using this platform to voice the need for change towards more inclusive environments in the corporate space. Using her knowledge of critical social policy research she will critique workplace practices to demonstrate which strategies and policies are the most effective in implementing inclusion.
Euan Brooms

Kristy Wang Talent Acquisition Executive

Kristy is a friendly, hard-working, and dedicated recruiter. Utilising her background in psychology and criminology to improve workplace diversity and inclusion.
Euan Brooms

Sahan Patabendige Talent Acquisition Executive

With a background in finance, Sahan is proud to be part of DJM because of its core values, diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Always smiling and ready to go the extra mile to achieve goals. Motivated by the opportunity of creating a better future for underrepresented ethnic minorities.
Sheikh Momtaz Begum

Sheikh Momtaz Begum Talent Acquisition Executive

Sheikh is a British Bengali woman who understands the need for celebrating diversity. After recently moving to the UK, she has looked for opportunities to build her skills which she has found at DJM. She is glad to work at such a diverse organisation, helping give people the opportunities she was given to get her corporate career started.
Ayesha Sheikh

Ayesha Sheikh Talent Acquisition Executive

With a background in Psychology and previous experiences in working with diverse communities such as refugees, asylum seekers and working class individuals, Ayesha is a strong advocate for diversifying the workforce to embrace the diverse society of Britain. Working in DJM as a Talent Acquisition Executive aligns with her personal goals to dismantle systemic and individual bias against underrepresented groups who are deserving of chances to develop their careers.