Our Team

Celebrating our differences through workplace diversity and inclusion

Anna Wallbank

Anna Wallbank Managing Director

Anna has been a strategic business partner to City of London law firms for over 25 years. Horrified at the under representation of ethnic minorities in talent acquisition, she launched DJM to level the playing field.
Ebony Baxter-Alleyne

Ebony Baxter-Alleyne Talent Acquisition Executive

With a background in administration and Human Resources, Ebony is a hard-working self-starter with tonnes of energy! Bringing friendly and positive energy to the workplace, humanising the recruitment process by prioritising diversity & inclusion is an issue close to her heart.
Valentino Imasiku

Valentino Imasiku Talent Acquisition Executive

Valentino is a HR Recruiter inspired to bring equality, diversity & inclusion to the workplace. From a young age Valentino has had a burning passion to be a doctor, always wanting to help people, and has now brought this passion to HR to provide those from underrepresented backgrounds with opportunities.
Euan Brooms

Euan Brooms Talent Acquisition Executive

Self-motivated and keen on promoting diversity & inclusion within the workplace, Euan prioritises the underserved and underrepresented. With a background in customer service and e-commerce, he brings a valuable skillset to working on improving workplace D&I.